Daesh steps up global campaign says Europol boss

© robert paul van beets / Shutterstock.
Europol headquarters in The Hague.

THE CHIEF of the EU police agency has warned of further large-scale terrorist attacks by Islamist extremists on European soil. 

Speaking at a news conference, Europol boss, Rob Wainwright unveiled the findings of a new report on the growth of Daesh’s global operations, confirming that the extremists were conducting training inside the EU and the Balkans while actively attempting to recruit ‘vulnerable’ Syrian refugees to their cause. 

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The conference was held in conjunction with the launch of Europol’s new counterterrorism summit to be held in The Hague. 

On January 24, a video featuring nine jihadists was released by Daesh, in which ‘coalition countries’ including Britain, are directly threatened. 

The new Europol report warns Europeans to be vigilant in the face of ‘more terrorist attacks, including ‘Mumbai-style’ attacks, to be executed in member states of the EU, and in France in particular.’ 

To illustrate the typically ‘soft targets’ prone to attack by extremists, the report refers to the October 2015 bombing of a Russian passenger plane and the Paris attack in November 2015, both of which are given as evidence of ‘a shift in IS strategy towards going global.’


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