Bye Bye, Boy Boy died on his 10th birthday

BOY BOY: He understood everything, including silent language.

Boy Boy died on his 10th birthday, I am heartbroken

He was so clever, I trained him to a very high standard. He could do most things expected of a dog and was a wonderful family pet. He understood everything including silent language. He has now gone to Rainbow Bridge. I know most of my readers know of him.

Last week I visited Triple A Marbella. They are a registered society which mean they have no government grants and rely on the public to be kind. The home provides shelter for over 700 animals around 450 dogs and 250 cats. They have four full time staff and a veterinary surgeon. 

All the animals are treated by vets, vaccinated, chipped, neutered and tested for Mediterranean diseases. Triple A normally place 60 per cent of the animals. There is a dedicated volunteer base and as a result many are placed in Germany, Sweden, Finland and the Netherlands. It is well worth taking a look at the kennels they are near La Cañada, tel 952 771 586.

I also have a 14-year-old Rotty name Sheba who misses Boy Boy. I will never have another dog due to our ages, in 18 months I will be 80!

Many people that go back to the UK who cannot afford to take them drive down some country road, pretend they are taking the dog for a walk and simply drive off. Of course not many domestic dogs can survive and unless found will die.

I MISS Boy Boy terribly



Was it today; yesterday; a week; a month ago? 

There are no days; there are no nights since my furchild Boy Boy died. 

I reach to pet my Boy Boy who is no longer here. 

My heart is broken; my arms are empty; how many tears I’ve cried. 

I leave the house, into the lane we always walked together, he was excellent at the side of my wheelchair.. 

The rain is falling. I notice not. Just more tears on my face. 

HE used to lead me down the road. His spirit leads me still. 

But we go a different way to a very strange and different place. 

I stand before a rustic bridge I’ve never seen before. 

I stop. I know I’m not to cross. But why, I want to know. 

And then the rain suddenly stops. I look up into the clouds. 

I look down. The bridge is gone and in its place is a rainbow. 

I look across the Rainbow Bridge and see a joyful sight. 

Thousands of healthy furchildren playing with my beloved pet. 

I want to run and love him, but I’m rooted to the spot. 

He looks and wags his tail and I hear him bark, ‘Not yet.’ 

And then his bark turns to a voice and I hear him say, 

‘You cared for me, you played with me and loved me to the end. 

I’m healthy now, don’t cry for me. I’ll meet you here again. 

Others need your love and care. I’m sending you a friend.’ 

I rub my eyes and the rainbow is again a rustic bridge. 

I send a prayer for that quick glimpse to the loving God above. 

I hear a noise and glance back down. I can’t believe my eyes.

Across the bridge, my darling pet sent a furbaby for me to love. 

I pick up the furry bundle, hold him close to my dampened cheek. 

He nuzzles my neck, kisses my tears. It’s true love at first sight. 

Not to replace the one who’s gone; another who needs my love and care. 

My eyes are drawn upward to see a Rainbow Bridge in radiating light.



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