Bleak start to New Year for Orihuela Costa

CALA CAPITAN: Walkway still waiting for repairs.

THE CLARO party has criticised the lack of vision for the Orihuela Costa in 2016.

The Popular Party Mayor of Orihuela, Emilio Bascuñana, has set out his priorities for the year and CLARO said the most striking was the complete absence of a mention of Orihuela Costa. They said: “Other party leaders in similar messages showed the same lack of concern for the area of the municipality with a population equal to that of the city which contributes over 60 per cent of the income of the municipality via taxes.”

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CLARO said an illustration of how the Orihuela Town Hall favours selected areas of the municipality and not Orihuela Costa can be seen in the decision this month to allocate €330,000 to improvements in a main city square, Santa Lucia, and certain surrounding villages.

In Santa Lucia square the cobble stones, which were laid only seven years ago, will be replaced by tarmac, whilst Orihuela Costa needs improvements to the streets and pavements of innumerable urbanisations.  

The Cala Capitan section of Orihuela Costa’s seaside walkway remains closed for the third year due to failure to repair the damage, and danger to pedestrians, from cliff falls. In an interview in January, one of the three recently appointed political assistants to Orihuela Costa’s Coordinating Councillor presented an ambitious list of all the things needed in Orihuela Costa. 

CLARO said: “In the present political context, there is no chance of correcting the problems of deficiencies in the areas of health, sports and education which he cited, or, as he continued, meeting the need for a second health centre, a nautical sports centre, increased local police, an emergency Services Centre, and parks and gardens which would be the envy of La Manga de Mar Menor and Benidorm, plus a mega natural park in Cala Mosca. All of these are admirable ambitions for which CLARO has been fighting for years, but the sad fact is that his political masters in Orihuela and the other Orihuela political parties simply do not listen.”


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