Back to Back flights cause border delay

© Tonyevansgi / Wikimedia.
Monarch aircraft at Gibraltar Airport.

THERE was a problem with traffic in Gibraltar last Friday evening (January 22) when eight flight movements (landings and departures) followed each other with no intervals between them meaning that vehicle access across the runway was stopped for some time and caused significant queues with traffic tailing back into town.

When the runway was eventually opened to traffic, it resulted in cars piling up in no less than 11 lanes while the Royal Gibraltar Police Force had to manage to allow an orderly crossing for those trying to get into Spain.

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It was fortuitous that no decision was taken on the Spanish side to exacerbate the situation by stopping all of the cars coming through and as recently indicated by the Chief Minister, the need to build the underpass is still important in order to avoid this type of difficulty which is irritating to visitors, workers and locals alike.


  1. was amazed to hear that the runway went across the main road seems like every island that britain was involved with has the same problem and about time it was sorted or flights banned


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