Winter protection for poor families in the Balearics

Photo by ChiccoDodiFC via Shutterstock

ENERGY poverty has been highlighted as a cause for concern by the Territory, Energy and Mobility department of the Balearic Islands. The authority has held a meeting at which they called on electricity companies to refrain from cutting off supply to needy families who prove they are unable to pay their bills.

The Autonomous Government has called for the action to prevent families being stranded with no heating or electricity in the midst of winter as the cold snap kicks in and is expected to last until March. Energy remains a key issue in wider Spanish politics as the larger companies continue to post enormous profits.


  1. they ALL need to do something – in Valencia region our
    bills were the equivalent of 75/100 sterling every two months moved from villa to two bedroom bungalow and
    electric same every two months – conned into piped gas
    much dearer then Iberdrola took gov to court and got the ok to charge us more and backdated – we ended up with bills of 400€ every month 1 gas and 2 electric NO
    money to eat


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