Orihuela wants EU funding for projects


ORIHUELA wants Europe to finance 13 projects.

Mayor Emilio Bascuñana (PP) presented his public commitment to “jump on the bandwagon of Europe” as he said he is confident that the European Union would help finance the so-called Urban Development Sustainable Integrated Plan (DUSI) which has 13 projects in its portfolio. Of these, some are the current government’s own plans and others have been inherited and are pending execution from under Monica Lorente’s time as Mayor.

The plan’s have an estimated cost of €30 million and a term of five years for implementation. The City said it would pay half and hopes the EU would pay the rest if approved.


The Mayor said they have to wait six months to find out if they are selected for funding after presenting the plans in Madrid but said: “We are very optimistic.”

The Mayor said his main concern now is the employment and through any of 13 projects the conditions exist to generate wealth and jobs.


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