Caminito del Rey leads to gold

© MichiNerja via Wikipedia.

THE REOPENING of the ‘world’s most dangerous pathway’, the Caminito del Rey (The King’s little pathway), has worked wonders for the small town of Ardales, Malaga province, with the council providing figures that show an undeniable impact on the local economy. 

Tourist numbers have reportedly grown exponentially as the town comes to be regarded as the gateway to the notorious pathway, which has attracted thousands of adventurous hikers since it reopened in 2015 after years of extensive repairs. 

Curious visitors have been spreading the wealth to other interesting but less known sites in Ardales proper, with the Municipal Tourist Office doubling the number of people attended to since the reopening. The prehistoric Cave of Ardales, the church of Bobastro and the prehistoric centre have all seen much improved numbers. 



  1. We just hiked (walked) the Caminito… excellent! And it is good to know that all the preparations and work do have / give a sustainable effect to the locals.
    The pathway is not dangerous by itself and it is well-done security-wise. But one should not be afraid of heights etc. The organization to get a permit is a bit “bureaucratic”, still it is worthwhile. The walk itself feels way too short (it IS quite short)… one would like to “go on and on”. Hence you are only able to enter it from one side and it is no return by foot allowed, you have to take the bus back, where you entered (and probably parked your car).

  2. Looks stunning Ulli. What a thrill it must have been. In my younger days I would have been up there with you like a shot! Not so limber now I’m afraid to say. Hope it features on a tv documentary soon.


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