Talks to continue as Rajoy turns down King’s nomination

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ACTING Prime Minister of Spain Mariano Rajoy has turned down King Felipe VI’s offer to be the first candidate to attempt to form a government.

Although the King nominated Rajoy to form a government on Friday (January 22) following a week of talks and meetings with party leaders, the acting PM stated that he believed he did not have sufficient support to win a confidence vote in parliament, which he would need to take office.

A new round of discussions and negotiations is expected to start on Wednesday (January 27).


Partido Popular issued a statement explaining that Rajoy Will continue to fight to lead the government but he does not have the majority of votes in favour at this time.

Without a confidence vote from parliament a future government would be unable to take office, and without parliamentary approval the country would have to hold a new election.

Rajoy stated: “the most important thing is for Spain to give a message of stability.”


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