Spanish right-wing editor loses his cool on radio show

PODEMOS / Wikimedia
Inigo Errejon, Secretary for Policy and Strategy and Campaigning, Podemos

THE editor of a Spanish news site known for expressing right-wing views, has vocalised his contempt for Podemos leaders Inigo Errejon, Carolina Bescansa and Rita Maestre.

Federico Jimenez Losantos, of Libertad Digital, also hosts a morning radio show on esRadio, which he used as his platform to vent some spleen about what he views as a country headed “towards a Popular Front government just like the one in 1936, with socialists, communists and seperatists” at the helm.

His outburst also included the revelation that he would shoot Errejon, Bescana and Maestre with “a lupara” if he had one to hand. The weapon is a sawn-off shotgun considered to be the ultimate weapon of choice for the Sicilian mafia.

Describing Podemos as “the only party that generates class hatred in me,” the editor took a risky swipe at the left-wingers, in a country that is known for clamping down on violent social media statements against public and political figures. 


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