Running a tap spreads more bacteria in the home

TAP WATER: spreads more germs than the toilet.

NEW research has shown that we breathe in more germs from tap water than from the toilet.

The study found that bacteria gathers on objects and surfaces in the home and travels into the air, circulating around. As the researchers assessed which objects breed the most bacteria, it was revealed that tap water released a significant amount of bugs into the air, more so than from other surfaces in the home. More bacteria in the air in people’s homes comes from their tap water (9 per cent) than their toilet (0.4 per cent).

The team, from the University of California, Berkeley, looked at bacteria in the air of 29 homes in the San Francisco Bay area, taking samples from kitchen surfaces, carpets, pets, bathroom tiles, shower heads, toilets and the people who lived there, in a bid to show which surfaces contributed to the most bacteria entering the air.

The study also found the number of bacteria increased significantly in homes that were ventilated frequently, as well as those with more family members, and where residents were more active.

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