Thanks to X-KLUSIV restaurant for helping customer in Benimar

CHRISTMAS CHEER: Sheila and Lionel, in hospital, still got to enjoy a full Christmas dinner thanks to a local restaurant.a

ONE couple have praised a local restaurant for going out of their way to help bring them a little Christmas cheer.

Whilst Sheila Bentley’s partner Lionel was in hospital for a month before Christmas, her brother came over to support her. One night they needed something to eat so tried a local restaurant just opened called X-KLUSIV in Benimar II. Enjoying it so much, Sheila booked in for Christmas Day, but two days before she realised Lionel would not be up for making the trip and she went back and asked for a take away Christmas dinner. 

Sheila said: “Lionel was in a wheelchair with an oxygen machine beside him, so I went to the restaurant and when I explained the problem they were happy to oblige. On Christmas day the staff were wonderful, we had two large plates, starter and dessert packed up. The staff even helped me to position it all safely in the car.”



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