Much debate over same sex marriage

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Same sex partners.

ALTHOUGH the main parties in Gibraltar appear to be in favour of the concept of same sex marriage and the government has called for a consultation document on the matter, the Chief Minister has made it clear that this is not an appropriate matter for a referendum.

This observation, which was made during a debate in Parliament, has resonated with more traditionalist inhabitants of Gibraltar and a combined statement has been issued by the Christian churches and Jewish community which it makes it clear that, whilst they are opposed, they “are not standing in judgement on those who do not adhere to a heterosexual lifestyle but believe that their rights are fully protected, and provided for, within the current ‘Civil Partnerships Act’.”

To this end therefore and quoting sources from religious publications and dictionary definitions, they have made their total opposition to same sex marriage very clear.

The Equality Rights Group which does support the concept, responded by issuing its own statement  rejecting the  opposition arguments and stating that it wanted to see a move away from “centuries of religious political correctness where to treat homosexuals as third class citizens was the order of the day.”

In a small society such as Gibraltar, where certain faiths have become more fundamentalist over the past few years, this is the sort of controversy which could cause considerable damage between differing sections of the community, whilst others probably take a more pragmatic view.


  1. I can understand why homoseuals want to be able to “marry” aalthough for thousands of years that action has naturally been reserved for a man and a woman but those who are the subject of the proposed changes are desperate to be considered normal which obviously they cannot be. They have a defective gene that causes their brain activity not to be in sync. with their designated bodies. For them, I am genuinely sympathetc but the facts are the facts so they should think up another name to satisfy their desire to be considered the same us, the heterosexuals. I have no problems with their existence or even company but the radicals amongst them have caused great hurt and financial losses where the homosexuals refuse to allow the mainstream populace to follow their beliefs. After all, they only form a very small percentage of most populations. So a meaning full referendum would be in order and like myself a nightly prayer should be said so that Islam is not allowed to become the way the masses are controlled in our societies for if it does, we will not even be allowed to debate the subject and the pavements below high buildings will be dangerous places to walk.


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