Fall in passengers for San Javier airport

© Phillip Capper from Wellington, New Zealand.

WHILST Alicante-Elche airport boasted having more than 10 million passengers in 2015, across the border in Murcia it was a different story with San Javier airport recording a fall of 2.5 per cent in passengers.

San Javier was one of 15 airports to see a fall in passengers. However, across the Aena network, the airports they manage fared well with a total of 207.4 million passengers in 2015, representing an increase of 5.9 per cent over the previous year. 

This was the second best year in its history after the figure reached 210.4 million travellers in 2007 passing through their airports. The busiest day for flights last year was recorded on August 28, with a total of 6,752 movements. 



  1. Absolutely right Alan. When my wife and I want to see our family in Scotland at (say) Christmas we find there are NO flights available from San Javier throughout the winter months and we are forced to take the longer journey to Alicante instead. This is because Ryanair changed to a summer-only timetable a few years ago. O’Leary had a fight with the airport over charges and stopped the winter timetable. What he loses at San Javier he gains at Alicante. He wins, we lose.

  2. Would like to use murcia in winter months now but same problem as Brian no flights from ryanair to Bournemouth so forced to use Alicante what do they expect next winter wont be using either airports gona drive it the cost is no different and i will save on car rental whilst there.

  3. We travelled to Costa Blanca 5 times last year from NE England and every time checked for Murcia flights and they were always either much more expensive than Alicante or not available. We would much rather use San Javier for its ease and location.

  4. San javier airport is best but not aces able during winter months from UK Airports plus there is only Jet2 rom Newcastle and it has become expensive and days are not always on weekends and none in winter come on some airline please fly there


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