HBO announce they will launch in Spain

© Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.
Game of Thrones: Already showing on Canal Plus, who have a long-term relationship with HBO.

AMERICAN cable giant, HBO has announced that it will launch an internet-only service in Spain during 2016, which will go head to head with Netflix as well as local supplier Movistar. 

At one time, Spain was a dead zone for paid internet TV due to regular use of torrent sites, but the market is now becoming much more attractive to foreign companies.

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There are still areas in Spain where there is no problem with picking up signals for all of the Sky channels following the transfer to new satellites, but households in the outer edges of the footprint such as those in the Costa del Sol have been badly affected.

There may be some problems with programming as HBO has had a long-term relationship with Canal Plus, which takes the wildly successful Game of Thrones for its own terrestrial channel, as well as through Movistar.


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