Red doors on asylum seeker housing to be repainted

© Robert Graham Creative Commons.
Terraced houses, Middlesbrough.

ASYLUM SEEKERS housed in Middlesbrough claim to have been victimised by locals who threw eggs and stones at their homes, which were easily identified by their red doors. 

A recent report by The Times reveals that 155 of the 168 houses owned by Jomast, a sub-contractor of G4S Global Security Firm, have red doors, but a BBC correspondent suggested  the choice of paint colour was little more than a convenient way for the company to identify its properties. 

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Immigration minister, James Brokenshire has expressed deep concern about the issue, which some reports are describing as ´apartheid.´ The MP confirmed that asylum seeker housing in the North East would be subject to an urgent Home Office audit, and that any evidence of discrimination would “be dealt with immediately as any such behaviour will not be tolerated.”   

Former local councillor Suzanne Fletcher also expressed her dismay at the rising tensions, claiming she had broached the matter of the red doors with Jomast as early as 2012, only to be told that they would not be repainted. 

Since the latest reports of abuse by locals emerged, G4S has confirmed that Jomast will “address the issue by repainting front doors in the area so that there is no predominant colour.”


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