Flying of drones could be fined in urban areas of Spain

© Flickr Don McCullough.

IF you received a gift of a drone recently, then be warned, as fines of up to €225,000 will be enforced if you fly one in an urban area.

The popular gift is considered to be an aircraft and as such is subject to the same rules and regulations as any other aircraft in Spain.  

This means it is strictly prohibited to fly them above crowds or at night or near to airports or heliports or where paragliding and parachuting take place.


 Places where they can be flown include model airplane clubs or in the open countryside. 

Advice from the Spanish air security agency, AESA, includes having your eye on the drone at all times and not flying it more than 120 metres above ground.

The law for the use of drones came into effect last year and there are currently 24 cases where users have been fined for not adhering to the rules.

The lowest fine was for €300 whilst the largest to date was €21,000 and these were for infractions such as not being an authorised operator or flying over restricted areas.


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