Banned knives seized during factory inspection in Valencia

One of the weapons seized by officers.

THE GUARDIA CIVIL have seized more than 3,000 prohibited weapons during the inspection of a warehouse in the Moncada municipality of Valencia, a report on January 20 confirms. 

Investigations began in December 2015, when officers came across a trading website with an online catalogue listing items which do not conform to Spanish regulations, including concealed weaponry such as ´credit card´ knives and ´tactical flashlights.´

In their initial investigations, officers established that the credit card knives were being produced in Melilla and the flashlights were also being imported by the Moncada outfit. 


They reported their findings to the Central Intervention Unit for Arms and Explosives (ICAE) who confirmed the illegality of the items. 

Officers proceeded to descend on the factory and confiscated 2000 credit card knives and 825 flashlights.  

The credit card knife is considered to be highly dangerous due to its innocuous appearance. Regulations for weapons sold in Spain stipulate that the casing of the flashlight must be made from a semi-rigid material such as rubber. Those confiscated were made of a metal. 

The attending Guardia Civil officers have made two formal complaints against the company responsible. 


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