Aguilas to become a golf destination

GOLF TOURISM: Aguilas is latest town to attract golfers to boost tourism.

AGUILAS, Murcia, is to become a top tourism destination for golfers over the next two years. The town hall has created a new brand ‘Aguilas Golf Destination’ encompassing several companies in the tourism sector, following a marketing agreement with Swedish operator Easton Golf.

According to the Regional Federation of Golf, tourists are looking for a place with high-level courses, plus the accompanying infrastructures and climatic conditions that allow for the outdoor sport. 

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Mayor Mari Carmen Moreno said: “Aguilas meets these requirements, without doubt,” adding that she was “very satisfied with this agreement because it involves not only the arrival of more than 1,500 people throughout the year for an average stay of 14 days, but also the opening of a new tourist profile in our town.”

The agreement includes two types of tour packages, one that provides long-stay accommodation for 28 nights, and one with a seven-night stay. 

Apart from golf, the two packages include additional offerings in Aguilas, excursions and activities.

The mayor said: “The average price of short packages is €600 per person, and includes golf, lodging, board and excursions.” 


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