Spanish stampede for British holidaymakers

Subbotina Anna via Shutterstock
Aerial view of the Costa del Sol

SPAIN, and the Costa del Sol in particular, is set to benefit from the global upsurge in terrorist attacks that have sent holiday-makers clamouring for safety ahead of adventure.

Last week’s suicide bombing in Istanbul that left ten dead, predominantly German tourists, demonstrated that 2016 will follow in the tragic footsteps of a violent 2015 that saw Tunisia and Egypt among others suffer as violent atrocities targeted westerners abroad.

June saw 30 British tourists gunned down on the beach in Sousse, Tunisia, while the devastating bombing of a Russian passenger jet over Egypt has had significant consequences for the average 900,000 Brits who visit the country each year.


Now, after violence struck the heart of Istanbul, analysts are predicting that Spain and Portugal will benefit from the expected windfall of British tourists looking for a safe and cost effective summer holiday.

Ryanair last week announced an additional 70,000 seats on it Costa del Sol routes alone, while Thomas Cook has returned to Benidorm, capitalising on the success of the television show of the same name.

Spanish airports from Malaga to Alicante-Elche have already witnessed a record breaking 2015 and, as the economy continues to improve, the traditional trip to Spain is all set for a retro revival this coming summer.


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