Ever considered training with your husband/partner?

MIX IT UP: You will do exercises you would avoid if you were training alone.

It’s the New Year and you are all fired up and ready to get your fitness and body shape back to where it was last summer, right?

Now my question is, does your husband or partner have the same goals as you?  If so why don’t you train together?  

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From my experience as a trainer I have found that couples who take an interest in each others health and fitness are less likely to sabotage each other, and more likely to maintain a healthy weight and a great relationship.

Here are just a few of the great advantages to training with your partner: 

Motivation. We all have days when even the thought of getting out of bed before 8am is distressing. 

However your workout partner is already awake, all fired up and preparing your pre-workout coffee with the energy and spirit that you realise gives you little chance of back-peddling out of easily. 

Quality time. That’s correct, this is you as a couple spending ‘us’ time together, it beats him sat on the couch watching TV whilst you are in a separate room cooking dinner doesn’t it? Or a tedious ‘after dinner walk’ for that matter.  

You can put music on, you can push each other through your exercise circuit, and you can enjoy the fact that you are both connected by the same goals and desire to look and feel great. 

Improved love life. The exercise you are both doing will help you to minimise stress, retain better sleep patterns, and promote sharper brain function which is important for both of you moving into your older years.  

And yes the fitter and healthier you look and feel the more fun you will have in the bedroom, as regular exercise has been proved to protect against erectile dysfunction, increase blood flow and be more likely to put you in the mood for LOVE.

So he prefers weights and you love cardio….

Mix it up and do both, encourage and push each other.

You will find yourself doing the exercises together that you would more than likely avoid if you were training alone. 


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