Javea fishing fleet has voted to remain

© Chesnot Jerome.
JAVEA PORT: Fishermen will mend nets for time to come.

JAVEA fishermen said “Thanks but no thanks” to offers to leave the fishing port.

Three or four developers competing for the concession to run the port are so keen to turn the entire port area into a lucrative marina, that they were willing to pay the owners of fishing boats €500,000 to go.

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Earlier, Javea Mayor Jose Chulvi had nevertheless announced that the town hall would fight to retain Javea’s fishing fleet and intended to enlist the help of the regional government. 

After three previous meetings, members of the Javea Posit or fishing guild voted to reject the offer, despite earlier rumours they were keen to go and likely to accept.

The majority of the trawlers and seine boats were not tempted by the cash offer and the chance to occupy Denia’s former boatyard, which would have been specially refitted.

Present during the ballot were the president of the Posit, the owners of 10 boats with voting rights as well as owners of smaller boats not eligible to vote.  

The outcome was not unanimous as four owners were in favour of accepting, one vote was blank and the remaining five rejected the developers’ offer.


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