Torre del Mar cyclist is heroically pushing the pedals for charity


A cyclist from Torre del Mar is heroically pushing the pedals on his personal Tour of Spain, and he’s doing it all for charity.

Animal ambassador Antonio Moreno leaves Nerja on January 19 to embark on his cross country endeavour with a specific goal in mind, to raise awareness about the mistreatment of animals.

Moreno, who is President of the Andalucian Group Against the Mistreatment of Animals, is a lover of pets and sport, and sees his new journey as a perfect way to fuse his passions.


En Ruta por los Animales, as the initiative is called, is an open project that can be followed online through its Facebook page. 

Moreno hopes to give an instructive chat each day at 10.30am, where he will address some of the key issues revolving around animal welfare. Topics include the abandonment of pets, especially after Christmas, and the importance of sterilisation campaigns to prevent increased numbers of stray animals on the streets. 

A recent crusade has been for stricter regulations of firecrackers and fireworks, a nuisance and disturbance for many pets.

He intends to ask for donations from the attendees of the conferences, which he will then send to animal shelters and sanctuaries in the different provinces that he visits.

As for the duration of the adventure, Moreno says it’s all up in the air, acknowledging that it could last as long as a year or two. Among areas of the country that he hopes to visit are the Pyrenees and Galicia in the north of Spain.

Luckily, Moreno has managed to find sponsors for his trip, people who will provide financing and accommodation as he criss-crosses the nation. 

He expressed his gratitude to these people, some of them friends and some of them representatives from animal shelters, all of whom “will open their doors to make this long trip possible.”


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