Some spring cleaning is needed in Teulada

CLEAN UP: Some TLC is needed to clear the area.

TEULADA Town Hall is pursuing owners who have allowed their land to revert to wilderness.

Some plots had been cultivated in the past but others intended for building were abandoned years back when the economic crisis spoilt development plans.  

Fire is a constant risk in the area and the dense vegetation and accumulated rubbish add to the danger, the council explained.  The untended plots also become unofficial dumping grounds, attracting vermin as well as rubbish.


Over the last year the town hall notified 43 landowners, advising them that they would be fined if the plots were not tidied up.  Eighteen parcels of land covering a 28,000-square metre area have now been cleaned, weeded and cleared of rubbish.

The town hall has also led by example and has cleared, weeded and pruned 32,900 square metres of municipally-owned land while removing dead trees and bushes.


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