Former Marbella Mayor Julian Muñoz sentenced to jail term

Munoz, pictured smoking, with Jose Maria del Nido, is gravely ill.

FORMER Marbella Mayor Julián Muñoz and lawyer José María del Nido have been convicted and sentenced to serve two years and three months in prison over the ‘Fergocon’ case. 

In addition, they have been ordered to pay €1.4 million in compensation to Marbella Town Hall along with six others convicted at the same time.

The ex-president of Sevilla Football Club Nido and the disgraced Mayor Muñoz, were convicted over the Christmas holidays for misappropriation of public funds, and irregular granting of municipal contracts of public works to the Fergocon company which was owned by Nido’s two brothers, and which either never happened, or were grossly overpriced.


At the same time six others, Oscar del Nido (brother of Jose Maria), former councillors Antonio Calleja and Vicente Manciles, ex-employees José Javier Herrera Viano, Miguel Ángel Cervera and Antonio Francisco Martín, who were also involved in the scam, were sentenced to prison terms ranging from eight to 26 months, and ordered to contribute to the €1.4 million compensation payment. 


  1. I hope the punishment fits the crime and that 2.5years less remission is not too short a sentence and a shared 1.4million euro fine is not pocket money for the corrupt politicians who should repay every single euro they took


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