Untold cruelty, young mare hacked to death

© SEPRONA: Will now investigate the case.
SEPRONA: Will now investigate the case.

A YOUNG mare was found hacked to death at a property in Lloseta when her owner went to feed her. The mare had last been tended to on New Year’s Eve and all had been normal. However, upon his return, her remains were found minus her front leg as well as the back and skin on one side.

The animal association, PACMA, has taken action to support the owner and has insisted that the town hall of Lloseta denounce the act and that Seprona investigate the case.  The town councillor for the environment, Marga Villalonga, is expected to meet with the owner soon.

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The owner, Ramon Figuerola, has been traumatised by the incident.  A horse lover, he and some friends own a number of young horses at the property and he is worried that this senseless and mindless act of vandalism and cruelty may happen again.  He has reported the matter to Seprona who will now have to investigate.


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