Seven people evicted by police in Alicante

© Roman Sigaev / Shutterstock
TOWN COUNCIL: Took responsibility for the people who were evicted.

Local Police officers discovered a settlement created in the framework of a half-constructed building and between the two floors of the building located in Claudio Coello, they found eight units of substandard housing in which seven people were living.

Shacks or similar examples of substandard housing have begun to reappear in Alicante City after they had been removed several years ago but they have now reappeared in the Montoto district. 

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The National Police took the action to evict the inhabitants for safety reasons after they were called by members of the Local Police of Alicante. 

The town council took responsibility for the seven people who were evicted and they will be invited to enter into the programme of social emergency.


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