Stolen Gold Survives Meltdown

Jewellery seized during the investigation.

AFTER eight months of investigations, National Police officers swooped on several homes in Sagunto, Castellon and Valencia on January 11, intercepting a cache of expensive jewellery and arresting thirteen people for plotting to trade in gold and other jewels stolen from properties.

The leader of the criminal ring is alleged to have used his knowledge of the lucrative gold business to acquire significant amounts of the precious metal from thieves for a fraction of its market value. 

Using jewellers in Sagunto and Valencia to receive the stolen goods, the ring were able to move them to the Paracuellos del Jarama smelter in Madrid. Of the two jewellers used, only one had the appropriate buying-selling licence for processing the jewellery received. 


Those involved stand accused of a range of offences including theft and receiving stolen goods. Among them are the presumed culprits of three robberies in Valencia. An estimated total of more than 800 grams of gold has been seized during the investigation. 


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