Police pushing back against the vandals

GRAFFITI BATTLE: Groups were each trying to outdo the other.

GRAFFITI groups have been targeted in a sweeping police operation known as Operacion Vagon which has spread from Valencia to tackle on-going vandalism in Murcia. 

Fifty-nine suspected vandals have been apprehended in the operation which saw 17 organised groups affected, six of those arrested were from Murcia. Police have claimed that the groups were engaged in a graffiti battle, with each trying to outdo the other to enhance their local reputations by leaving their mark on as many zones as possible. 

Walls, doors, and train carriages were the primary targets, with members filming their exploits to publish online and going so far as to break into train depots or deliberately stopping trains to spray-paint carriages. 


Over 400 graffiti pieces are thought to have been perpetrated by the groups, around 40 of them in Murcia alone. The operation was launched in Valencia two years ago and investigations have since spread to other provinces including Murcia, Alicante, Cuenca, Albacete and Barcelona. 

Meanwhile the Guardia Civil has estimated roughly 8,000 square metres of surface across the country have been damaged by graffiti. 


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