Cartel cracks under close investigation

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HOT On the heels of the recent cocaine smuggling bust in Galicia, Spain´s National Police and the Guardia Civil have cracked a criminal ring in the province of Malaga. 

After several months of investigation into drugs being sold in the Molino de Viento de Mijas area, Operation Avenida / Herederos exposed a distribution network ran by Spanish nationals, fifteen of whom have since been arrested for drug trafficking and unlawful association.

Eight homes in Malaga, Mijas and Fuengirola were searched as part of the sting, resulting in the seizure of 127.56 grams of heroin and 77.04 grams of cocaine. The National Police have confirmed that one of the Fuengirola residences was being used as a supplies warehouse. 


The group´s key players are said to be from the same families. Their ringleader is thought to be a 57-year-old-woman from Fuengirola, who concocted a communications system based on ´dropped calls´ to distribute the drugs and minimise losses in the event of an arrest. 


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