When fiction becomes fact


AS cars transmute from being what we have traditionally known as cars to something more akin to a computer on wheels, the manufactures are increasingly drifting from the ‘conventional Motorshow’ to the high-tech electronics fairs to showcase their wares. 

Faraday Future, for example is a California-based electric car company that’s been operating in stealth mode for the past year and a half. But instead of choosing the 2016 Detroit Motorshow to unleash their creation on the world, they opted for the International Consumer electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Unveiling their incredible FFZERO1, to a plethora of open mouthed, dumbstruck journalists and dribbling tech-head car nuts, you start to see why it was obviously the right choice.


As close as you could possibly come to magically spiriting a futuristic supercar out of a PlayStation game and see it materialising on the street, This high-performance electric concept car looks more appropriate for a race track than a city street thanks to a claimed 1,000 horsepower, a 0-60 time under three seconds, and a top speed over 200 miles per hour (320kmh). 

However, these figures are at the moment theoretical since this is just a concept, but the company have said that it could see a “limited production” hit the market in the near future.

The design features a glass roof, which offers a clear view of the white carbon fibre interior and some of the car’s more novel ideas, like a smartphone mount in the centre of the steering wheel which as well as being the personal activation for the car, could be used for the control systems – touchscreen PlayStation Portable style – of the vehicle, the Halo Safety System that supports the driver’s head and neck, and a helmet that feeds the driver water and oxygen. The instrument panel is also designed to gather biometric data about the driver, while learning and evolving with his driving style. 

For more on the FFZERO1, visit: www.faradayfuture.com 


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