€150,000 Quiniela ticket is sold in Velez-Malaga

© Flickr by JJ Merelo
the Quiniela: One person has correctly predicted 13 out of a possible 15 matches.

A WINNING lottery ticket worth over €150,000 has been sold in Velez-Malaga. The person who bought the Quiniela (football pools) ticket successfully called the results of 13 of a possible 15 matches, resulting in a total cash prize of €153,555.58.

The ticket, which was validated in a Velez-Malaga dispatcher’s office with the number 50,770, was one of two tickets with 13 correct predictions. The other was validated in the municipality of Torregrossa, in Catalonia.

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In this past lottery, with receipts adding up to €4,094,815.50, there were no tickets with 14 predictions, nor winners of the Pleno al Quince, in which a person correctly predicts the first 14 matches, as well as the 15th bonus match. This means that the pot will be carried over to next week’s lottery, and a single ticket next week with 15 correct predictions could result in one lucky person winning €3 million.


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