Two police officers shot in further terrorist attack in Egypt

SRA D. Myles Cullen, USAF Wikimedia
Egyptian armed forces

THE EGYPTIAN interior ministry has confirmed that two senior police officers were shot in the city of Giza on January 9 and the deaths have been claimed as being the work of Daesh jihadists according to an announcement placed on the internet although this has not been confirmed officially.

This attack follows the assault the previous day by two supposed supporters of the terrorist group on tourists in the holiday resort of Hurghada where three foreign visitors were stabbed before their attackers were shot by police.

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Those injured, – two Austrians identified as Renata and Wilhelm Weisslein, both 72, and Sammie Olovsson, 27 a Swede – are all said to be in a stable condition whilst one of the attackers was killed and the other was wounded.

Hisham Zazou minister of tourism who is about to visit the three injured tourists said “If someone wants to claim that this is part of a terrorist group, it is a bit amateurish for that, they used only knives. If someone wants to attempt really to create a terrible incident, he would not be using a knife.”

Egypt is suffering from a marked reduction in tourism following the previous attacks on visitors and clearly wishes to play down the involvement of organised terrorist groups within its borders.


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