Payment not required for health card


BALEARIC citizens will no longer have to pay €8.43 to renew their health cards as was required during 2015.  To renew one’s health card it is now free and all that is required is a DNI or NIE and a recent colour photo.

The health card allows users to access health centres and hospitals and if a person is registered to work and is making national insurance contributions, then they can get state-run health care on the same basis as a Spanish national.  

Children under the age of 18 are entitled to protection by the law in Spain, regardless of their nationality, which means health care is free.


The good news will be well received by residents and is thanks in part to the local government repealing the law on Community Budgets.  Some 218,679 health cards were issued last year and 171,764 of those were issued in Mallorca. 

Appointments for a new card can be made via telephone 902 079 079 or in person at your local clinic. 


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