Almeria popular with tourists over the festive season

THE COAST: Not just a destination for the summer period.

THE Coast of Almeria is also a popular destination for tourists during the Christmas holidays.

This is mainly thanks to the many celebrations and events throughout the province over the season which attract many tourists, the Provincial Tourism Service reported. 

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The 103 towns in Almeria decorated their streets and squares with lights, and held musical shows, gastronomic traditions, Christmas markets, nativity scenes, and many other tourist attractions. 

The Provincial Delegate for Tourism, Javier Aureliano Garcia, said that the Provincial Tourism Service of the Almeria Provincial Government was doing a great job in promoting all the products and tourism resources in the province. 

He invited residents of the province and potential visitors to take a look at some of the unique settings in the province and some of the most popular events held over Christmas. 


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