The King’s sister will sit on the bench

© flickr by USAID
INFANTA CRISTINA: Accused of tax crimes.

ON Monday January, 11 the Noos trial will begin in which the King’s sister, the Infanta Cristina is accused of co-authoring two tax evasion crimes with her husband, Iñaki Urdangarin, also on trial.

The seating arrangements for Monday’s hearing were presented this week by the Balearic High Court and the Infanta will sit at the end of the last row of defendants with her husband and his ex-colleague, Diego Torres, will be on the same row.

The case accuses 18 people of benefitting from six million euros of public funds and calls for between two and 26 years in prison.


Alleged crimes include embezzlement of public funds, crimes against the Treasury and money laundering, amongst others.

After the preliminary questions on Monday, with all suspects’ present, including the Infanta, it will be after her testimony that the Court will have to decide whether to keep the charges against her.  

This will only happen if the so-called Botin doctrine is applied. This states that an official suspect will not appear in court if the accusation of an offence does not come from the public prosecutor or those directly affected by the events under examination.


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