Roldan Olives set to become a franchise

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Aloreña Olives: Feature dressing of red pepper, garlic, thyme and fennel.

ROLDAN OLIVES, which was created as a family business almost a half century ago, is about to become a franchise. The company is the main commercialiser in Spain of Aloreña Olives, which are the first kinds of olives in Spain with the Denomination of Protected Origin.

The first shop of the franchise has now opened in the El Ingenio Shopping Centre of Velez-Malaga. The shop will be a model for the company and will offer 40 different types of olives, as well as other pickled products, olive oils, and jams.

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Roldan Olives currently exports 20 per cent of its product to external markets, in such varied countries as Canada, Colombia, Poland, France, Germany, Japan, and the United Arab Emirates. 

The company currently produces 2.5 million kilos of olives annually, 70 per cent of which are Aloreña Olives.

Aloreña Olives are produced in the Malaga Province. They are known for their calibre, texture, and the ease of taking out their pits. The Aloreña Olives manufactured by Roldan Olives feature a dressing that is made with red pepper, garlic, thyme, and fennel.


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