Project for the new dual carriageway cost €2.2 million in total

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dual carriageway: Opened on December 28.

THE Northern Coastal Road, which unites the districts of El Esparragal and La Ñora, has a new stretch of 772 metres road open to traffic, between Guadalupe and La Ñora, which has cost €2.2 million.

This additional piece of road was opened on December 28 by Mayor Jose Ballesta, and the Development Councillor Francisco Bernabe. It consists of a dual carriageway with two lanes in each direction, separated by a landscaped median.

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The road will also have a separated bicycle lane going in two directions with a pedestrian promenade, in the north zone of the road, which is the closest to the populated areas.

In addition, the Murcia Council has installed physical exercise circuits aimed at the elderly in the adjacent gardens.

“What we hope is to soften, in some way to make more sociable a stretch of motorway, which is always something hard with this type of project,” explained the mayor.

Councillor Bernabe underlined that the new stretch will improve the heavy traffic in the area, which he estimated at more than five million annual movements.

The new stretch of road means that three of the 10 planned stretches are now in operation.

Of the seven remaining, four are in the urbanisation of La Ladera (Churra) and Cabezo de Torres, which are currently in a very advanced phase of building, pending authorisations for the street  lighting. It is anticipated that they will be opened during the first quarter of 2016.


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