Plan to protect long-term viability of fishing industry in Marina Alta

SPECIES: Several are at risk such as hake, blue whiting and monkfish.

STOCKS of several species of fish, such as hake, blue whiting, and monkfish, have depleted in recent times in Marina Alta. 

The outlook is bleak if nothing is done. Therefore boat owner Amadeu Ros, a member of the recently created Institut de Recerca Oceanografica de Xabia (Oceanographic Research Institute of Javea), has proposed a biannual ban on fishing certain species to allow the recovery of stocks.

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Ros stressed that the fishing exclusion zone would be temporary, in spring and summer. He also stressed that the main aim of the measure is to ensure the long term sustainability of stocks and the viability of fishing in the areas of Denia, Javea and Calpe.

To emphasise the urgency of the matter, Ros pointed out that 2015 had been a bad year with a reduction in catches of 50 per cent compared to previous years.


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