Madrid threatened by Al-Qaeda


IN A video posted by a branch of Al-Qaeda on January 7, in which a former resident of Melilla who is known to have become a jihadist is featured, specific threats of terrorism are made to the cities of Madrid, Naples and Rome.

The jihadist who identifies himself as a Mujahedeen has been identified as Abu al-Nur al-Andalusi and a number of his family have previously been arrested by the Spanish police because of their radical behaviour.

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This video which apparently shows acts of terrorism in Africa shows the Spanish jihadist a number of times and he says in Arabic “Today they are in our land, the land of Islam, but with God’s permission will come a day that we get to hit them on their land, in Naples, Rome, Madrid, explosions everywhere with God’s permission.”

Abu al-Nur al-Andalusi has appeared in a previous video in 2015 and has been known to allude to the fact that Andalucia is, and should be, Islamic land, hence his adoption of the name al-Andalusi.


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