Roman shoes to be handmade

EXACT REPLICAS: They will be used for the first time in February for a 50km march.

THE Museo de Calzado de Elda (Footwear Museum of Elda) is to make four exact replicas of Roman shoes for the museum of Villajoyosa, Vilamuseo ( There will be two pairs for men, and two for women.

They will be used for the first time in February for the 50km march from Villajoyosa to Alcoy, which is organised by the Asociacion Cultural Hispania Romana (Roman Hispania Association). 

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This route, known as Cami del Peix, is a historically important route that connects the two towns, and was important for trade in the area for centuries. It is one of the oldest roads in Spain.

The shoes will be made by hand by cobbler Hermelando Albert. One design will be priest’s shoes, closed and red in colour, in recognition of his ritual significance. The next a pair for a civic gentleman, and two pairs for women. All of them will be faithful replicas of shoes found in Roman sites in Britain and across Central Europe. 

He will make two pairs of each design. One set for each museum.


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