Mallorca welcomed the Three Kings


Mallorca welcomed the Three Kings – Gaspar, Melchor and Baltasar – who brought much merriment, mirth and plentiful presents to thousands of excited children on Tuesday January 5. 

Although they were only three, they managed to multiply and were found across the country, arriving in all manner of ways – from tractors or horses in towns and villages, to a beautiful sailboat in the Bay of Palma.

The Kings’ advent in Palma was eagerly awaited by many who came from all over the island to enjoy Mallorca’s biggest parade, with preparations undertaken since last summer. The Three Kings arrived with their pages and entourage on one of Spain’s oldest sailboats, the Rafael Verdera, which was built in 1841. 


From their debarkation opposite the Lonja in Palma, they transferred to beautifully decorated floats and proceeded up to Plaza Cort via the streets of Palma, accompanied by the excited shouts of children lining the pavements.

Toni Socias, Artistic Director for Palma’s parade this year, had been working on the designs since last spring, with the construction of 15 of the many floats starting in September. 

“The theme this year was the sea and I could see the children and their parents were delighted with the floats,” said Toni.  “Not only were each of the floats impressive, but children could still drop off their letters on one of the floats.”


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