Archbishop criticises women over domestic violence

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Toledo Cathedral in Spain

THE ARCHBISHOP of Toledo in central Spain has ignited fury over his claims that woman are largely to blame for the domestic violence which has dominated headlines over a violent 2015.

“Often the macho reaction comes about because she asked for a separation,” he told a congregation in December 27 remarks that have only now caused a storm across Spanish social media.

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He went on to criticise an alleged culture of ‘quickie divorces’ and said that women were typically to blame for not accepting their partner.

The remarks will be seen in a particularly acute light in Spain which has seen a wave of anti-violence demonstrations after 56 women were killed by their partners, or ex-partners in 2015.

The news comes as recent figures showed that more than one million cases of domestic abuse have been investigated by courts since 2007.


  1. In my experiences this person is talking the biggest load of rubbish. Unless he has personally experienced domestic violence then he cannot seriously and empathically comment on this appalling daily occurrence.

  2. silly bishop. if a spouse asks for a separation there is a fault in the relationship already. no justicfication though for violence one person on another silly bishop

  3. So this man who, by virtue of the strange rules of his chosen profession, is (supposedly) barred from relationships with the opposite sex believes he is capable of rational and valid thought about abuse within relationships. As in so many things he and his sort are so out of touch with reality maybe we ought to feel pity toward them rather than outrage.

    Though for the moment, outrage seems to be the correct emotion.

  4. [quote]Maybe he thinks women should play the field like a lot of husbands do or put up with whatever cruelty their partners decide to dish out. Are we sure he’s not an imam in disguise?

    His statement is disgraceful.[/quote]
    I fully agree and have had numerous rows with priests over things they know nothing about


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