Man tries to open door mid-flight between Palma and Ibiza

© Serge Ottaviani Wikimedia.
Ibiza airport control tower.

PASSENGERS and crew aboard a flight from Palma Mallorca to Ibiza on December 4 were amazed to see a man try to open the door to the plane and acted immediately to restrain him until such time as the aircraft was able to land.

The pilot advised the control tower at Ibiza of what had happened and, upon landing, officers of the Guardia Civil immediately boarded the aircraft and arrested the man who it transpires was a 44-year-old Romanian suffering from a mental disorder. They then took him to the psychiatric wing of the Can Misses Hospital.

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The Guardia Civil have congratulated the passengers and crew of the aircraft on their very prompt and efficient action as, had the man managed to open the door, it is possible that many of those on board could have been seriously injured or killed.

It is reported that the man was seriously disturbed and intended to commit suicide by throwing himself out of the plane.


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