Kidnapped man found in Fuengirola

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National Police Van.

ON THE evening of December 30 2015, a Moroccan man visited the Zaragoza Delicias National Police station to report that his brother had been kidnapped from his house by two men who claimed that he owed then money.

After investigation, the officers established that the report was genuine and traced the men to an apartment in Fuengirola where local officers of the National Police found the kidnapped man who confirmed that he had been forcibly removed from his residence, threatened and removed to Fuengirola.

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He was immediately released having spent less than 24 hours in detention and the two men, both Moroccans aged 28 and 36 were arrested.

The operation was coordinated by the Section of Kidnapping and Extortion of the General Commissariat of the Judicial Police, as well as the Robberies Group of the Regional Judicial Police of the Police Headquarters of Aragon and Organized Crime Group of Fuengirola. 


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