Man who walked Channel Tunnel granted UK asylum


A BOLD Sudanese man has been granted asylum in the United Kingdom after allegedly walking into the country from France across the entire length of the Channel Tunnel in August.

Abdul Haroun has been held in prison since then having been arrested at the English end of the tunnel and charged with obstructing a railway under an obscure 19th century law.

The 40-year-old appeared on a video link from prison to confirm his name to the Canterbury crown court and was reportedly granted asylum on December 24 meaning the prosecution must now deliberate on whether or not to press ahead with the charges. 


Mr Haroun was supported by a local refugee charity Kent Refugee Help who said “We´re delighted that it’s reached this point and we’re hoping the case will be thrown out.” 

The 31 mile journey is fraught with danger and Haroun’s case is thought to be the first of its kind as he braved trains travelling at speeds up to 99 mph. 

Eurotunnel issued a statement saying that the man “not only caused significant disruption to Eurotunnel and to the many freight and passenger customers travelling at the time, he also put his own life and that of others at risk,”.

Thousands of refugees are camped out in Calais hoping to reach Britain, with many attempting to jump trains or trucks making the underwater passage. 

It has been reported that Haroun is from the Darfur region of Sudan which has been engulfed in civil war, brutality and genocide for the best part of a decade. 


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