Young Colombian man dies after a fight

GOMILA IN PALMA: Was the scene of a fight where a young Colombian man died.

HAVING fun turned to tragedy over Christmas this year in Palma when a young man, 26, died of his injuries after a fight turned bloody on Christmas Day morning.

The young Colombian man had been out with his girlfriend in the Gomila area of Palma on Christmas Eve when, at around 7am the following morning, he got into a fight with someone.  As more people inside the club joined in, the two were thrown out of the bar and the attacker, another Colombian, said to be quite drunk, apparently broke a glass bottle and cut the young man’s throat, severing the carotid artery.

The young man was taken to hospital but died from his injuries two days later, on Sunday (December 27).  Although his suspected attacker was arrested immediately after the tragedy, the judge released him on Saturday due to insufficient evidence with the man claiming he hadn’t even left home on Christmas Eve. Investigations continue.




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