Saudi Arabian Embassy in Tehran stormed and set fire to

Sobhan Hassanvand Tweet
Saudi Arabian Embassy Iran after attack

INFURIATED by the execution of Shiite Muslim cleric Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr as a terrorist by Saudi Arabia, the Iranian government summoned their Ambassador to the Iranian foreign office to make clear their anger at the action taken.

Following this, protesters set fire to the Saudi Embassy in Tehran on Saturday, January 2, after a demonstration against the execution, although the Iranian government has gone out of its way to distance itself from this action and has condemned any attack on any Embassy.

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In its turn, the Saudi Arabian government reported that it “has summoned the Iranian ambassador to the Kingdom today and handed him a strong-worded protest note on the aggressive Iranian statements issued in response to the Islamic rulings carried out on terrorists in the Kingdom,” according to state-run SPA news agency.

Both countries are vying to be the leader in the general area and of course Iran consists of mainly Shia Muslims whilst Saudi Arabia is mainly Sunni and whilst both follow the teachings of the prophet, there is much disagreement between the two branches of the religion which has in the past led to violence.


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