Possibly two elections in Spain in 2016

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Artur Mas in centre

WHILST the fate of the Spanish government still hangs in the balance due to the apparent inability of the Popular Party to find any support for a coalition government, a decision has been reached with regards to Catalonia as the left wing CUP (Popular Unity Candidacy) has decided not to support Artur Mas in his bid to form a pro-independence government.

Although the CUP is also in favour of independence for Catalonia, it cannot bring itself to lend its 10 seats to the Junts pel Si (Together for Yes) alliance which means that a new election will have to be held in Catalonia which could see either a greater expression of the wish to secede from Spain or alternatively may shock a ‘silent majority’ into voting against the secessionist parties.

Whatever happens in the future, the Catalan parliament will be dissolved on January 10 and new elections will be held in March 2016. It is just possible that in an effort to attract anti-independence voters to the poll that the PP and socialist party PSOE will bury their differences in order to try to form a national government united against Artur Mas although if no positive decision is made by January 16 then it is likely that there will have to be another Spanish general election. 



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