Mijas to introduce carers for stray cats

© flickr by stratman.
STRAY CATS: Mijas will appoint designated officials to feed them.

FROM now on, Mijas will have official carers for the colonies of stray cats in the town. The town council, through the Department of Health, is planning to change existing town bylaws so that designated officials can feed the animals.

At the moment feeding stray cats is forbidden, but the council plans to change the current wording of the bylaws so that the appointed carers are authorised to do so. To become carers, people who are interested will have to be accredited by the town hall.

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The idea behind the new system is to stop the stray cats from annoying local residents and to prevent dirty or unhealthy groups of cats from congregating in the town centre.

The changes to the bylaws stemmed from a meeting that council members had with representatives from animal groups in October. The new measure, along with plans to sterilise more cats, aims to keep the cat colonies under control. 


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