Violent robbery results in murder


THE discovery of a body last week during the course of a fire was found to be murder.  

Esperanza Ferrutxe Frau, 45, had been beaten around the head, strangled and a fire started to divert attention from her murder. The fire services had been called to a fire in a building in the Es Forti area of Palma and once there, discovered the body.

A 25-year-old man was arrested and is now in prison without bail having confessed to the murder, starting the fire and robbery. 


Apparently, the accused had lived in the building where the incident occurred, some years ago, and knew the woman, owner of the building, from those times.  

Although he had gone to live on the mainland some time ago, his grandmother continued to live in the building and just before Christmas, the young man had come to stay with her.

Neighbours in the area were in shock and saddened by the death of Esperanza, said to be a hard-working woman.    


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